We aim to develop, implement and promote Health and Safety in your workplace.

We meet your compliancy needs across all key areas. 

As contractors, we deliver our premium services to you at an affordable cost.


Our broad approach to training is customised to meet the evolving demands of any worksite.

From the ground up, WHS BRISBANE excels in the preparation and education of all employees and site users. We have developed a systematic approach in training and solidifying occupational health and safety procedures. As forefront service providers in the electrical industry, we set the benchmark in providing practical and applied knowledge in this field. 

Company Director Brett Dawes has an esteemed background in delivering vocational education, training and assessment programs across all WH&S and ELECTRICAL platforms. He has a proven track record in providing advanced expertise across all aspects of delivery, planning and performance. With the ability to bring this additional level of proficiency to their output, WHS BRISBANE is unparalleled as the premier choice for imparting safety principles within your workforce.

Safe Work Instructions

Our diversity in knowledge and experience gives us the confidence to advise in best practices and procedures.

WHS BRISBANE places consistent focus on delivering sound and systematic lines of communication. Employees and site staff are accustomed to receiving up-to-date information through regular briefings and correspondence. We believe the value of productive consultation goes beyond purely delivering efficient and effective service, it builds and promotes an ongoing commitment to health and safety. 

We take stock in the practicalities of providing certified resources, and have established an extensive library of procedures and policies made available to every employee and client. Having the ability to present an official WH&S guide to a client when faced with a particular hazard, highlights the credibility and authority by which we hold ourselves to. We continue to update these documents periodically with progressive strategies for the elimination and substitution of all workplace hazards.

Workplace Investigations

Our due-diligence in the management of all workplace risk is at the steady forefront of our principles.

Unfortunately WHS accidents and incidents occur in workplaces every day for any number of reasons. Even when incidents don’t result in fatal injury, they can be indicators of larger hazards waiting to happen. Conducting thorough and periodic workplace investigations is the most effective means in protecting your employees from any risk of injury or illness. 

As we are ICAM Lead Investigator accredited, WHS BRISBANE adheres to a coordinated process in workplace investigations. Our steps include; identifying and recording critical information, conducting interviews, analysing data, determining causes, and developing ongoing preventative measures. As highly experienced and qualified consultants in this field, our mission remains uncompromising in the constant pursuit to minimise and eliminate risk.


What We Do

Ongoing monitoring includes the regular delivery of Inspection Reports and Risk Assessments:

  • These QA-based generated documents denote the evolving work environment and address any necessary changes as required, combining constant evaluation with the day to day auditing of employees.
  • This procedure is mandatory and standard industry practice for all employees/contractors across any worksite. We will instruct, reinforce and review the quality of the daily risk assessment - as a result, making consistent provisions to provide further training if and when required.
  • We conduct an additional nightly check to ensure all employees are in compliance with code and have completed their daily risk assessment obligations. This supplementary report is then issued to the employer.

We provide a veritable understanding of workplace health and safety within the electrical industry. Our platforms encompass the latest trends in technology and training.

  • All staff receive specialist off-site training, ensuring foremost job practices and completion.
  • All staff receive adequate on-site training, incorporating all facets of client premises and operations. Our process commands the inclusion of demonstrations and ongoing compliance to latest safety procedures and regulations.
  • All work is conducted through the Master Electricians Australia Integrum Now App, the industry’s leading Risk and Compliance System.
  • Frequent Tool Box Meetings are periodically scheduled in accordance with client's evolving workplace needs and requirements. These tailored meetings can be managed both on-site or off-site as needed.
  • Comprehensive briefings are regularly conducted across the workforce.
  • Procedures & Policies are supplied to every employee.
  • Issued manifests include: Manual Handling, Fatigue Management, Chemical Management, Emergency Contact Details, Basic Health & Safety Rules, First Aid, Fire & Safety Guide, and Needle-Stick.
  • All dangerous practices, (denoting machinery operation and maintenance, chemical storage and handling), are managed in conjunction with Client's OH&S instructions and specific site requirements.

Routine inspections are frequently conducted by WHS BRISBANE Director, ensuring maintenance over the safest working environments.

  • We can assist you irrespective of your business size; small, medium or large.
  • We service all residential, commercial, high rise and industrial/high risk building sites.
  • WHS BRISBANE guarantees close attention is consistently paid to critical work regulations, standards, policies and procedures.
  • An incessant proactive approach is taken to ensure consistent safety in the workplace.
  • Any accidents or incidents are required to be reported and investigated to ensure best work practices are being followed.
  • Any staff member injured whilst at work is supported across all relevant rehabilitation programmes, affording them every opportunity to return to normal duties as soon as possible.
  • WHS BRISBANE is ICAM Lead Investigator accredited.